Nothing New Muffins


I don’t even have a new muffin recipe for you either. When it comes down to it, I just love the one I always make. I toy with the idea of trying othes, but in the end, I always come back to the one from Seasonal Kitchen that I used for my Muffin-mixed Berries which are so loaded with fruit that the muffin is just a mere hint of shape and crust. Boring, maybe. But I do hope you give it a try anyway because I think you’ll find you’ll come back to it again and again as well.


Instead of my usual flurry of berries, I swapped in diced pears, cranberries and a touch of orange zest. Nothing new really… it’s still just fruit and batter… but oh my lord, these are some muffins. The pears melt into the batter and the cranberries give the perfect tart balance to the pear’s buttery sweetness. This time around I also used superfine sugar and butter (instead of the coconut oil and brown sugar). If I had thought of it, I would have also sneaked in some toasted pecans.


What’s your favorite muffin recipe?  

14 thoughts on “Nothing New Muffins

  1. After many disappointing muffin recipes, I finally found a perfect one in Ottolenghi’s cookbook. They are muffins with pecan nuts, grated carrots and apple dices, and they are sprinkled with crumble and seeds for extra crunchiness on top. I still have to find the perfect chocolate muffin recipe though, since they don’t give any. I’ll give yours a try soon, your pictures are so inviting!

  2. 🙂 just did some muffins last night between reading the news and preparing dinner…. lemon and poppy seeds ! always so easy and delicious !

  3. I’m not a big muffin fan although I am constantly analyzing their psychological comforting effect on me. Recently, after getting tired of banana bread, I’ve decided to turn my recipe into muffins with extra sour cream and some zests. Now, that was by far one of the best muffins I had.

  4. I have a couple of simple muffin recipes I turn to on occasion. One apparently came from a folder included in a bag of Stone Buhr flour. It has Stone Buhr copyright 1972 written on it. The muffins contain half white, half whole wheat flour, and chopped dried apricots. Sometimes I add chopped pecans, toasted or not. The other recipe comes from a cookbook that Stone Buhr offered for $1.50 and two bar codes or something. “Corn gems” are a good alternative to cornbread as an accompaniment to chili; leftover muffins freeze well.

  5. Baked goods have never been my strong suit, but they’re so nice to have fresh and homemade when you have company. Maybe muffins are nothing to new to you, but in my kitchen they’re practically exotic, and I always have a little anxiety attack when I start to make them. It’s all worth it though when it works out, and nothing makes a guest feel more welcome.

  6. How much butter did you use instead of the coconut oil? And how much superfine sugar? That sounds very good with those two substitutions.

  7. It is raining out and these muffins look so warm and tasty. We love baked goods especially our Dads baking. He makes this great muffin just like you! Thanks for the recipe.

  8. Your muffins look delicious!

    I bake muffins often but I tend to cycle through different recipes. I made carrot currant muffins a few weeks ago. For the past week, we’ve been hooked on sourdough coconut pecan cocoa muffins. I made them with no refined sugar and no added fat, but they ended up decadent because of the coconut and nuts.

    Don’t be apologetic for reposting these. Sometimes a repost is all someone needs to spur them to get in the kitchen and bake. Your pictures are lovely as usual so I bet there will be a lot of muffins inspired by you this week!

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