Tastebook Update!


Those guys work fast! I was so very disappointed that the first release of Tastebook didn’t let you add your own photos. Well, it has only been a bit over a month and I heard today that they now have adding personal photos with recipes. It’s a bit late for me to try to pull together one for Christmas for the family, but I’m very excited to give it a spin soon enough.

But, if you are interested, they have free shipping for the holidays as well. For more info, see the Tastebook website.

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  1. Hi L., This is really great. I was just looking for resources to create photo books as gifts and portfolio samples. It seemed like a natural next step for people to be able to create their own cookbooks to showcase their cooking & photo work. Thanks for putting up the link. This is wonderful. Have a great day! Shea

  2. I did go look at TasteBook, because I have wanted to print my own cookbook for several years (but I started writing my food blog instead – http://tastingspoons.blogspot.com) but it doesn’t give me that finished look I really wanted! I do print out my posts, but still, it’s not very splashy. But after looking around at the TasteBook site, it appears that you have to input the recipes yourself (what a huge, tedious job) unless they’re already on epicurious. I was so overwhelmed with that thought I didn’t look further. Guess I should go back and tell them about enhancements. Maybe they’ll add that capability. All my recipes are already in a recipe program which I can export in several formats, so maybe they’ll do that too. Thanks for keeping us updated about this.
    PS – enjoy your blog – I read every posting through Google Reader.

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