Behind the scenes of a Cottage Living Food Shoot


Just stumbled on this little video of a California based food shoot… you know the ones, where the table is beautifully setup right next to the vineyard. While the story isn’t high on details, it’s still kind of fun and interesting to watch, first to see in general how little lighting equipment is involved… just the sun and a few bounces (oh, and it does look like there is a small, off-camera flash somewhere) and secondly that they are still using Polaroids (and presumably film) for these shoots rather than shooting digitally.

Source: Cottage Living

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0 thoughts on “Behind the scenes of a Cottage Living Food Shoot

  1. I am visiting your website for the first time and I love it!!! I could (and will) spend hours studying it. I am very new to blogging and food photography and I am trying to teach myself so your website is so very valuable to me! Thank you!

  2. Thank you Lara for posting that little video. Nice to see how such an outdoor shooting works. I agree there seems to be an external flash somewhere. Maybe they have done both: digital and film. That looks like a Mamiya, for which you can exchange the back to do film and digital shootings. Maybe they have done the polaroids here, because they don’t have the chance to install a monitor. And some photographers like polaroids for documentation of a shooting.


  3. Great find.. they are using a medium format (6 x 4.5cm) Contax camera .. pocket wizard with that almost bare strobe and some reflectors and panel screens .. so much nice light coming from the sky and greenery. Cant beat film for magazine work.

    I would completely lose my mind if I had to chimp by polaroid .. OMG.. their workflow is completely built around that tho.

    You can get a nice used Contax 645 with Zeiss lenses for 2K

    or just the used body for 1,700K

    Sorta tempting.

  4. this was so interesting to watch. i am a prop stylist in los angeles, and loved seeing how a photo shoot looks like from the outside looking in.

  5. Glad every one enjoyed the clip! I always love getting glimpses into how other people work.

    Paul – your styling is gorgeous! I love those jam jars! And that egg salad sandwich is just stunning.

    Nika – one of these days… although I’m thinking I might go for one of the newer Mamiyas. My guess is that by the time I’m ready, they’ll have a couple new models that bring the price point down even further.

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