A Pie for Mikey


I wasn’t really planning a post for today, but my heart and head have silently been with Jennie all week. When I heard the news of her husband’s unexpected death, I went numb. My heart, like hers, broke into a million pieces, because the super-glue had not yet dried from losing my mom, and then more recently, our dear Leo. I’ve watched the outpouring of love and support, and felt pride in this family connected by food. But, really, I’m still in a fog, much like Seattle has been all morning. I know that the marine layer will burn off eventually. I know the skies will brighten, but for now, it’s just grey and quiet.

So for Mikey and Jennie, here is my pie. I hope it brings some comfort.


14 thoughts on “A Pie for Mikey

  1. The news of Jennie’s husbands death was just another in a long line of Bad that we’ve been dealing with since August started, so I know how you feel. But, when I slowed down and took the time to make this pie, it really helped. I hope it brought you some measure of comfort, and I know that Jennie will feel the love from all over the world.

  2. So sorry for your loss. I just lost a really super cousin of mine on the 8th. My dad was quite a baker, I grew up on flour sacks, he made the best donuts. Last night I made yours and my goodness they were the best, so light, melts in your mouth. It brought back fond memories. You are a treasure for passing your recipe along. I had to share the rest with the neighbors next door or heaven knows how many we would have ate, their young sons though I was so wonderful they looked like the picture from your cover!!

  3. What more good blog!!
    A great recipe, like most of you post. I discovered this corner in English class, and the truth is that I love it.
    My name is Stephanie, regards.

  4. Beautiful pie and photos. I’m so sorry for your loss! I can relate because I have loss my mother, too. I plan to follow your blog, and cookbooks not that I have found you.

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