A Trip to Thailand, Part 1


Early in September, Cam and I went to Thailand to celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary. 10 years! Thailand!


When I posted that we were heading to Thailand on Facebook, lots of folks asked if I was going for work. Of course, I would certainly be taking photos. But, because I really wanted this to be a vacation, I decided to leave my work camera at home, and shot everything with a Fuji x100. I love this little camera, partly because it’s tiny but still gives me full control and partly because it forces me to look at things a little differently. Most of my studio work is done with a telephoto lens; this little camera has a fixed 35mm lens equivalent, so it’s much wider than I normally shoot. It’s really fantastic to play with and get a new perspective.

Our trip had us fly into Bangkok for just a couple of days to adjust to the time change, enjoy a few food carts and see a few sites, like climbing up the very steep (and scary) steps of the Wat Arun and wandering through the acres of stall at the Chatuchak market. Nothing fancy… we were all about the street food and it was well worth it (not to mention, insanely affordable!)

DSCF0354.jpg DSCF0355.jpg


DSCF0372.jpg DSCF0391.jpg

DSCF0374.jpg DSCF0384.jpg
DSCF0404.jpg DSCF0392.jpg

DSCF0397.jpg DSCF0399.jpg


DSCF0415.jpg DSCF0394.jpg



I wish we had another couple of days to explore, but then it was on to our next adventure

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